The model is developed on the basis of the MRI scan of the fetus. It is estimated to cost about 100,000 yen i. e. $A1171 and is usually created 9cm in length. The resin model of white fetus is enclosed in a transparent block which is similar to shape of mother's body.

Named "Shape of an Angel", a service is offered by a 3D printer supplier firm FASOTEC, which is offering 3D model of to-be-born baby.

It is also available in yet smaller version to fit along mobile phones, said Tomohiro Kinoshita from FASOTEC. Many women include it in strap of their phones.

The model produced by the firms can be brought out best at eight or nine months of pregnancy. The company is further set to produce the face of fetus in 3D model coming up in December and would cost around 50,000 yen. It will be based on the ultrasound image of the fetus.

The move is a great gift to the parents who are really excited about their to-be-born baby and just always want to see and show the looks of their baby. FASOTEC says that they have launched the service in response to the request of thousands of pregnant women.

"We received requests for these kind of models from pregnant women who don't want to forget the feelings and experience of that time", stated FASOTEC.
Expectant Parents, 3D Model Of Fetus for You